La Capella de Sant Roc is a publicly funded space for contemporary art in Valls, in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia.

Located in the historic town centre, La Capella occupies a deconsecrated chapel on the ground floor of the 16th-century Hospital de Sant Roc, now the headquarters of the Institut d’Estudis Vallencs.

La Capella opened in 1985, under the direction of Pere Isern and Anton Guri, and has gone on to gain wide recognition for its support for the creation, production and dissemination of the contemporary visual arts, with a special emphasis on emerging artists.

La Capella is run under the auspices of the Museu de Valls, whose director, Jordi París, entrusts the curating of content to a freelance curator, most recently Cèlia del Diego (seasons 2006/07 and 2007/08) and Albert Martínez López-Amor (seasons 2008/09 and 2009/10). Since March 2011 La Capella has hosted the exhibition series Cathedrals in the Chapel, curated by Joana Hurtado Matheu.

Location and opening times

Plan from La Capella de Sant Roc: