Enric Farrés Duran

Le gustaba cenar un exquisito sándwich de jamón con zumo de piña y vodka frío

Opening: Saturday 16 May 2015 7pm

From May 16 to July 31, 2015

Chapel of Sant Roc Valls

Walter Benjamin defended in his unfinished “Unpacking my library” (1983) –integrated by quotes, notes and clippings with no apparent pre-established order- that the main value of any kind of archive or collection is accumulation. We may also add that, following the same; it is the act of preserving what provides the object collected with an added relevance, this extra value.

With “Le gustaba cenar un exquisito sándwich de jamón con zumo de piña y vodka frío”, Enric Farrés Duran shows in the Chapel of Sant Roc almost all the fragments that make up his most persistent obsession in the recent years: the accumulation, archive or collection of all the papers, whatever they are, found among the pages of used books that pass through his hands in “El Siglo” a huge second hand bookstore where he works. What began years ago as an anecdote, when a paper reached his hands from inside a book, challenging him from the past, like a time intruder, sparked a craze that continue until the day of today, and still goes on.

The collection “Papers of El Siglo” now reaches more than 2,500 papers, points, cuts, tears, etc., and is still growing, accumulating all kinds of content and dimensions: it contains recipes, photographs, declarations of love, letters, lists, etc. This disparity has also been conveyed through the display of the collection in the Chapel, which precisely seeks to make this lack of connection evident, showing these little portions of the world without hierarchies among them, in a horizontal way, polycentric and heterogeneous. The collection of Farres Duran does not respond to any pre-determined classification, thus ignoring any kind of “origin principle”, providing all fragments, as shown, of the same departure value.

Free of predetermined associations by default, interpretations multiply exponentially. The papers separately, show at the same time stories that come from the past but have a lot of future, unconnected pieces of our world, souvenirs, and even jokes to the spectator, temporary diversions and potential narratives. But it is perhaps by reflecting the multiple recombination possibilities where we clearly may find an invitation to play infinite.

“Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories. (…) For a true collector, the background of an object is added to a magic encyclopaedia, the quintessence of which is the destination of this object. ” W. Benjamin

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