Anna Dot

Exercices of balance for a nest

Anna Dot

Opening: February, 14. 2015, 6pm (with performance by Anna Dot)

14 February – 26 April 2015

Within the cicle “Dèria”, curated by Marina Vives Cabré

“It’s been six springs now since the same pair of pigeons come and try, without success, to build a nest on the electrical wires sticking out of my grandmother’s house. Matilda, the neighbor living in front of her, says she sees them from the window of her house. In addition, several holm oak twigs have been appearing in front of my grandmother’s house front door. My grandmother collects the twigs and keeps them to burn in the winter. The pigeons have not yet managed to make any nest.

Matilda and my grandmother told me all the details of these events. The conversation was recorded, transcribed and analyzed using the software for the data codification and analysis hyperRESEARCH. From the encoding of the conversation several conceptual maps were generated. The possibility that one of these maps contains the instructions for the successful making of the nest ist not yet discarded.” (

Based on these facts and this process, Anna Dot (Torello, 1991) appropriates this “dèria” (obsession) and makes it a personal: why pigeons try to build the nest every year in the same place? And why they do not success building it? This project brings into the space of La Capella two constant sources of inspiration in Anna Dot’s work: the treatment of the text and her closest geographical setting. For example, the wicker basket near the twigs is a “cove”, typical from Torelló, Dot’s birth town.

The electrical cable, the (real) twigs of the failed nests, the hypertext research, the qualitative analysis and some of the possible results of the encodings combination take part in “Exercises of balance for a nest” (Exercicis d’equilibri per a un niu) in La Capella de Sant Roc, as inseparable parts of a same story. With these elements, and through a trial and error approach, Anna Dot suggests to follow the steps of the “obsessed” pigeons, but this time through an intellectualized process (the encoded text), graphically decoded in the search of a guide. And all this, aiming the same goal: to achieve a balance of an improbable nest.

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